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Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP

Screenshot Windows

What is the easiest way to capture, save, and edit a dynamic section of your Windows desktop? How do you take a snapshot of your Windows screen to share with a friend? The answer is just one quick stroke away—taking a screenshot. There are two ways that you can screenshot Windows. I will show you how you can easily take a screenshot of the entire windows screen or to capture a specific window or a section of the display you want. 

Method 1: Taking a screenshot of the whole screen

Step 1: Press the Print Screen (PrntScr) key on your keyboard. Pressing this key captures an image of the entire current screen and places it on the clipboard. The image capture will have the same dimensions as the resolution of the desktop. Note that on some computers, the Print Screen button may be labeled PrtScn,’ Print Scr,’ or Prnt Scrn.’ The button is often placed between F12 and Screen Lock on desktops. If you have a laptop, you may have to press the Function Key’ or Fn.

Step 2: Paste the Screenshot on an image editor. Open a new paint document by going to Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint. Once a new paint canvas is open, click on Paste’ to be able to see the captured image. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + V or open the Edit menu then click on Paste. Another way is to right-click on the paint canvas area and selecting Paste.

Step 3: Save the image. Before you can edit the image using another program or share it, you must save it. Still on Paint, click File> Save then give the image a name. By default, Paint saves images in BMP format. The most popular file formats are PNG and JPG. It is recommended that you save the screenshot windows as PNG because this file type is small in size even when the quality is high.

You can also paste the screenshot on the clipboard on other programs such as Microsoft Word or directly on the body of an email. To paste the image, simply press Ctrl+V. 

Method 2: Screenshot window directly to file on Windows 8 and 10

If you use Windows 8 or 10, there is a simple way to save a screenshot directly to file. Simply press the Windows Key + PrntScr to save the screenshot to file without having to paste it on another program. By default, the screenshot is saved in PNG format inside the Screenshots’ subfolder in the pictures folder. This folder will be created if it does not exist. The file will be given the name Screenshot’ and a number in parentheses for every consecutive screenshot windows. 

How to capture a screenshot of one window

If you wish to capture the screenshot of a single window:

Step 1: Activate the window. Click the window whose screenshot you want to capture to make it active and bring it in front of all other windows. 

Step 2: Press Alt + PrntScr to capture the screenshot. The captured screenshot will be automatically copied to the clipboard. The screenshot size will be the same as the size of the window when you captured the screenshot.

Step 3: Save the captured image: Open an image editor program such as Paint and paste it on the canvas. Paste by pressing Ctrl+V or clicking Paste Icon. You can then proceed to save the image by clicking File> Save, assigning a File Name and choosing the format to save in.